Bica for Figma


Figma starter-kit to speed-up interface design projects

Bica for Figma


Figma starter-kit to speed-up interface design projects

Bica for Figma


Figma starter-kit to speed-up interface design projects






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Highly Organized

Bica provides an initial Figma setup to kick-off product designs faster while taking care of typography, spacings, colors, effects, icons, essential UI components, and library organization.

Reusable components

Stop creating the same UI elements every time from scratch. With Bica, you start with a system of ready-made components with different variations and interaction states.

Easily customizable

Bica's architecture leverages the power of Figma's component system. Variants and Properties help to make adjustments with light-speed.

Purposeful colors

Well-balanced colors perfect for prototyping. Switch easily between shades/tints of different colors. Invert the palette and get Dark Mode out of the box.

Figma's best tricks

Bica leverages Figma’s coolest features like Auto Layout, Variants, Component Properties and Interactive Components to make customizing and adapting the system a breeze.

Demo UI included

Learn how to use Bica from an UI example. See how the system can be utilized to create an UI for an AdTech SaaS platform.

For Designers

Start your projects with a consistent system that features all the essentials you are tired of creating over and over again.

For Developers

Get better at design and hi-fi prototyping. Bica helps you to create consistent designs by encouraging best-practice methods.

For Organizations

Bica is a boilerplate to start a company-wide design library. Save costs, stay consistent, and release quality products faster.

And so much more…

You may purchase one or multiple licenses (each for every user). You have that version forever, plus access to any bug fixes or updates for one year. You can use Bica for personal and commercial projects. By purchasing this product you agree to the End User License Agreement.

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A side project by Felix. Crafted in Berlin, Germany.

Versions 1 & 3 were launched on ProductHunt.

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